About US

CaSAMNet was created to mobilize all stakeholders from the Governmental Institutions, Companies, NGOs, producing, processing, assembling and repairing workshops (and well-wishers) who are related to agricultural machinery and tools in order to:

  • Expand networking for coordination to assist the agricultural machinery and tools users to achieve highest effectiveness of its operation and maintenance of the agricultural machinery and tools.
  • Contribute to reduce loss of payment, time, difficulties for the users of agricultural machinery and tools more essentially the farmers in their selection, utility and maintenance in appropriately improved technique eligibility.
  • Coordinate with their works and assist in problem-solving and protecting reciprocal profits of one another.
  • Interchange to increase in knowledge, experiences and to promote innovative ideas to technical specialist of agricultural machinery toward the development of agricultural machinery technology through meetings, workshops, domestic and international study tours and extensions etc.
  • Provide consultation services within its ability to the stakeholders.
  • Contribute to maintain and protect rural infrastructure, social order and environments.
  • Contribute to restore and reconstruct the country in line with the policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia for the development and social stability.